YouTube stars making huge money 0

Youtube Stars Making Huge Money

Forget about data entry, blogging, and selling weight loss pills. If you want to make a decent profit off of the Internet, you need to bust out your videocamera, as it seems there are a number of people who made a killing on Youtube. These are not celebrities backed by big entertainment companies, but just simple individuals like you and me, with two minor differences: first is that they upload videos regularly on Youtube, and second, they earn over $100,000 per year from their videos.

According to a report by the Business Insider, the following people/youtube channels broke the $100,000 mark:

1. Shane Dawson – $315,000

Shane Dawson is one of the more popular youtube celebrities, with regular comedy skits and music video parodis, as well as his “Ask Shane” featurette, in which he answers questions in a humorous way.

2. The Annoying Orange – $288,000

The Annoying Orange features a really obnoxious talking fruit. Created by Dane Boedigheimer, the series was so popular that it was picked up for syndication by Cartoon Network.

3. Philip DeFranco – $181,000

Philip Defranco hosts his own webshow that deals with topics ranging from politics to pop culture

4. Ryan Higa – $151,000

Ryan Higa was one of the first few youtube users who went viral, with his How to Be a Gangster and How to be a Ninja videos.

5. Fred – $146,000

Described by creator Lucas Cruikshank as “a lonely six year old”, Fred uses his moms video camera and posts videos on a Youtube channel about his adventures, both imaginary and real ones. The Fred character even has a movie backed by Nickelodeon.