The Worst Company Ever 0

The Worst Company Ever

We all deal with a lot of garbage in our daily experiences.  Girlfriend yells at you, boss yells at you, dog yells at you, then gives you secret commands to help him take over the world, etc.  It’s a buncha nonsense that we just don’t want to deal with — but we do.  And we deal with it just fine.  We’ve learned to cope with the traditional annoyances.  However, around every corner is a new ordeal destined to break our resilience and offer us something awful.  And who is responsible?  The worst company ever.

Maybe some business lost your shipment in the mail. Maybe you were on hold with customer service for 2 hours and then hung up on. Maybe as soon as you got home, you saw your purchase was not as “new” as the box promised. Your sandwich was wrong, your highway was closed, your chute didn’t open, or your experience was otherwise ruined. Some way, some how, we’ve all dealt with the worst company ever. We’ve all dealt with MANY the worst company(s) ever. Now, it’s time to sound off, back at them!

Who did you wrong? Who broke or lost your stuff? Who overcharged you? Who is never getting your business again? …who is the worst company ever?

We’ll run regular posts on just how bad some of these poop factories are, spreading your wealth of knowledge over the web and warning all who dare defy you!

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