Have someone else scan your old photos 0

Have someone else scan your old photos
Image scanners have pretty much fallen by the wayside, now that even cellphones and handheld gaming consoles have the ability to capture high resolution images and transfer them directly to a PC. But what if you have no access to a scanner, but want to digitize your old photos, namely the ones that were taken during those years when imaging and storage technology still hasn’t caught up with the needs of consumers?

Easy, have someone else scan your old photos.

There are a number of services like this nowadays (in fact, a lot of old fashioned photo shops have started services like these in order to keep up with the new tech), but online, the only one we’ve encountered so far is scanmyphotos.com.

With scanmyphotos, you can choose between walk in or mail order photo scanning, with rates as low as 8c per scan. The beauty of the setup is not only can you rest assured that your photos are being handled by professionals, you can do bulk orders in case you have hundreds or even thousands of photos you want to preserve. Scan My Photos also scans slides and develops negatives, in case you have some of those lying around.