MyShelter Foundation: One man’s garbage is another man’s chandelier 0

MyShelter Foundation: One man's garbage is another man's chandelier

The internet has many uses, and … well, OK, the internet really only has two uses. Hrm, alright, it’s got one main use, but there are still so many other things you can find on there! Whether it’s wonderful and adorable informational pop culture sites like (patent pending trademark awesoming) or just interesting stories that you feel the need to share. Take, for example, the MyShelter Foundation and their simple quest for light. The goal is to brighten up third-world housing projects, without the money or electricity; both of which are sparse. The solution? An empty soda bottle.


The hope of the growing community of Light Ambassadors is to install the unique device in as many of Filipino families as possible. At least, that is the first step. After that, there is potential to bring the Solar Bottle Light invention to other areas on the planet, so that millions of homes can benefit from Isang Litrong Liwanag – a liter of light.

How ’bout this one? How ’bout that one?