Michael Boley scores a New York Giants Touchdown, hits fan in the face 2

Michael Boley scores a New York Giants Touchdown, hits fan in the face

We’ve witnessed many different touchdown celebrations over the years. From Homer Jones inventing the spike, to Billy “White Shoes” Johnson popularizing the Funky Chicken Dance, to Terrell Owens carrying a Sharpie Marker, all the way to to Rudy Huxtable’s Sweet Feet. Each has it’s own style, class, and unique way of getting everyone rooting for you excited – and perhaps most importantly, pissing off everyone rooting against you. But through the thousands of post TD moments, we can’t recall anything quite as unique as what we saw this past week, during the New York Giants and Saint Louis Rams Monday Night Football game. The star was Michael Boley of the Giants. The moment was bashing a bystander’s face with the ball. Thankfully, YouTube was there with the video recording, so let’s take a look!


Recovering what was technically a fumble after a backwards pass, Michael Boley ran the ball a good 70 yards to the endzone for a beautiful 6 points. His celebration then concluded by … throwing the ball as hard as he could directly into a spectator’s face. From 5 feet away. Honest. …seemingly his only purpose in wanting the ball in the first place. As if he thought, some 250 feet away, “You see that guy over there? Behind the end zone? If I could only find, like, a rock or brick or… something! I’d smash that arrogant face of his and let him know that… ooh, what’s this? Fumble?!? PERFECT!”

As luck would have it, the ball also bounced off this poor dying man’s face into a very expensive TV camera. Bonus!