The Walking Dead Season 3 Trailer 0

The Walking Dead Season 3 Trailer

We’re still a long ways away from The Walking Dead’s Season 3, but AMC has seen it fit to tease us all to death with a lengthy trailer screened at the San Diego Comic Con. As expected (and rumored all over the place), the third season of the popular horror drama based on the same-titled comic book deals with the Prison story arc and introduces one of the most memorable villains in the series, The Governor (played by David Morrissey).

Other notable bits and pieces from the trailer is the longer look at the samurai swinging Michonne, the physical changes exhibited by some of the characters (Hershel, for example, now has longer hair and a beard/moustache combo), and a look at the Governor’s “town”. Towards the end, we also got a little bit of surprise at the return of Daryl’s brother, Merle – and it’s not an illusion this time. It’s fer realz, replacement hand and all.