SyFy Interested in a Booster Gold TV show 0

SyFy Interested in a Booster Gold TV show

It seems like SyFy is only now starting to realize that adaptations of popular comic book franchises are well-loved and commercially viable, a fact that other networks and TV studios have been aware of for quite some time now. The problem is, SyFy’s choice of comic book to adapt may not exactly fit most people’s definition of “well-loved” – Booster Gold.

SyFy has recently ordered a pilot script for a one-hour series based on DC Comic’s Booster Gold comic, with No Ordinary Family and Green Lantern’s Greg Berlanti as executive producer. Writing duties were given to Andrew Kreisber of Fringe, and sources have said that the pilot’s story will revolve around a down-on-his-luck football star from the future, who travels back to present day to become the greatest superhero of all time, only to find out the hard way that there is more to being a superhero than fame, money, and futuristic technology.

If anything, Booster Gold may be a lot easier to adapt to the small screens than other superheroes, because the character is meant to be cheesy, semi-unlikable, prone to failure, and somewhat self-serving, and the show must acknowledge that the character is meant to be that way. Let’s just hope the writers recognize it and don’t attempt to make Booster Gold into a show that takes itself too seriously.