Sony is Planning a Live-Action Captain Planet Movie? 0


According to The Hollywood Reporter, Sony is planning to go through with a live action adaptation of the massively popular 90s kids cartoon Captain Planet and the Planeteers, which – for the uninitiated – focuses on 5 environmentally-conscious teenagers who each have a ring that controls one of 5 five elements: earth, fire, wind, water, and heart.The big pay-off is that when these 5 kids combine their powers, they bring to life the greatest superhero mother nature has ever birthed: Captain Planet.

Sony is apparently undergoing the final stages of negotiations in order to secure the rights to the series, with Mark Gordon, Don Murphy, and Susan Montford slated to produce. There are no other details known at this point outside of the fact that Sony is planning to turn the franchise into a live-action movie.

Via: The Hollywood Reporter