Sofia Vergara on Saturday Night Live 0

Sofia Vergara on Saturday Night Live

A lot of former fans feel that Saturday Night Live is already past its due date. Maybe it’s because all the great writers and comedians who made the show so popular have already moved on to other things without any qualified upstart taking their place, or maybe it’s because the Internet has made all of us so jaded and skeptical that network TV is already having a hard time coming up with a joke that we will consider as funny. But at least, SNL still pulls through from time to time and comes up with something that the viewers really want, which in this case means Sofia Vergara as Guest Host.

You have to admit, Sofia Vergara is not really a comedian, and while her odd accent is ripe with opportunity for humor, she’s more effective when she’s just being someone who’s really nice to look at. That in mind, we have collected a bunch of photos from her SNL stint, for you to ogle, because hey, funny or not – Sofia Vergara is entertaining: