Seth Rogen is Planning a Preacher TV Series? 0


A recent tweet from Seth Rogen hints that he is on the verge of bringing a TV adaptation of a popular mature graphic novel to AMC, which is par for the course considering AMC’s success with The Walking Dead. However, the choice of graphic novel to adapt seems completely out of left field, considering what people expect of Seth Rogen.

According to a Badass Digest report, the network has commissioned a pilot episode of a new series based on Garth Ennis’ Preacher, with Rogen on board as a producer. For the uninitiated, Preacher focuses on a wayward former small-town minister who was possessed by a powerful entity called “Genesis,” giving him what is referred to as “the voice of God,” which allows him to order anybody and anything to do what he wishes provided that they understand his words, even if the command is impractical or downright unrealistic (for instance, ordering someone to “burn.” will result in that person either setting himself on fire or spontaneously combusting.)

While adaptations of graphic novels are popular these days, when it comes to TV adaptations, there are a number of titles that even the most hopeful of fans don’t expect, Preacher is one of them. Violence and sex are no longer a big deal these days, even together – but add the potential to offend devout followers of one of the most influential religions in the planet and you have fans that are wondering whether the network could pull it off or whether they’ll have to soften the plot a bit.

There’s also that thing about Seth Rogen’s last comic book related project resulting in Green Hornet.