Macho Man Randy Savage killed in car accident 0

Macho Man Randy Savage killed in car accident

Oh Macho Man, say it ain’t so!! One of the most famous and most beloved professional wrestlers of all time has reportedly died in a car accident, according to multiple sources. Randy “Macho Man” Savage, of WWF / WWE and WCW fame, apparently suffered a heart attack while he was driving earlier this morning, losing control of the vehicle in the process. Born by the name Randall Mario Poffo, later dubbed “the Macho Man Randy Savage” during his run in the WWF, Savage rose to fame in the mid 80s, with his trademark “Ooooh Yeeeaaaah” catchphrase. Typically partnered with his manager and romantic interest, Miss Elizabeth, Savage continually battled with other wrestling legends like Hulk Hogan on screen, and occasionally off screen. More on this story as it develops