Michael Bolton is Cool Again 0

Michael Bolton is Cool Again

Adam Samberg and The Lonely Island are famous for a lot of things; there’s the I Just Had Sex video with Akon that people seem to love to repost in social networks (prompting a lot of awkward and creepy mental images, like that time when your grandma reposted the vid), there’s also Samberg’s portrayal of Shy Ronnie, alongside Rihanna, and the I’m on a Boat video with T-Pain, which kickstarted hundreds of parody videos on youtube, each one less funny than the last. But here’s one of the most important ones: they made Michael Bolton cool again.

In the music video of “Jack Sparrow”, The Lonely Island asks Bolton to sing the melodic hooks to their newest song, which the band intended to be about their usual topics, such as drugs, women, and partying. But Mr. Bolton, the cinephile that he is, seems to be more focused on singing about his favorite movies.

Check out the video below if you want to see Michael Bolton have a little fun at his own expense, which includes dressing up as Julia Roberts.