Incredibly, Marvel brings the Hulk back to TV 0

Incredibly, Marvel brings the Hulk back to TV

After two not-quite-blockbusters in theaters, Marvel is trying to reward fans of the Incredible Hulk with something a little closer to home — or at least in thinking that TVs are already in the home. The comic book publishing giant is working with ABC to bring the comic book hero giant, making it the first time in 20+ years that the Hulk will appear in a series. The last time, the Incredible Hulk ran on CBS between 1978 and 1982, starring Bill Bixby as Bruce Banner and Lou Ferrigno as his angry green counterpart. With Smallville’s run winding down at seasons’ end, the story of Superman’s youth has enjoyed a ten year run, and DC Comics hopes to fill that void with another star, bringing Wonder Woman back to television. So, could Marvel be, dare I say it, green with envy? And, really, if you’re going to read that line, you have to read it like “greeeeeeeeeeeeeen with envy?” to truly emphasize the corniness.

Jeph Loeb, comic book legend for both DC and Marvel fans (and, as is true in the world of comic books, that means he also must double as comic book villain) will be holding the reins of the new series, which is billed as a “top priority” at Marvel Studio’s Marvel Television. With Disney letting their kids play nicely together, it could make for a nice partnership between Marvel and ABC.

How will this impact the Hulk films? Will the green goliath be CG or acted? Will there be torn purple pants? Will this help build towards the Avengers film? Little details are firmly known at this point, but we’ll keep on’em for you.