Guillermo Del Toro Discusses JL Dark 0

jl dark

There’s been talk – particularly by very vocal and very paranoid fans – that Warner Bros. has already gone cold on the potential Justice League Dark project, particularly after news on the project has died down in favor of new developments for other DC-related shows and movies (especially after news of a Constantine TV show, Constantine being a key figure in JL Dark). Thankfully, Guillermo del Toro has recently broken his silence and has dismissed rumors that JL Dark is a no-go.

“We talked about it at DC and Warner,” says the Mexican director, “and I feel confident that the two properties can exist at the same time.

“I think that DC is trying to create a great universe of characters, and expand it and make it clear to the audience that it’s a landscape of characters, and not just one that’s dependent on one or two characters.”