G4 Will Be Rebranded as Esquire Channel 0

G4 Will Be Rebranded as Esquire Channel

Just last September, G4 dropped the announcement that their gamer-centric programming will no longer just cater to a wider demographic (re: fans of COPS and Cheaters), the network will be completely overhauling their programming and will start catering to a much older crowd. The Hollywood Reporter recently got word that NBCUniversal has signed a deal with the Hearst Corporation and will be rebranding G4 as the Esquire channel.

The Hearst Corporation is the parent company of Esquire mag, and they will be retooling G4 into a channel that delivers content to a growing, upscale demographic that is not being catered to by channels like Spike and History. Gamers don’t need to fret, though, as the Hollywood Reporter states that the Esquire channel is set to court the modern male metrosexual and will have programming that focuses on cooking, travel, and fashion, it will still include some gaming shows. With X-Play and Attack of the Show having been confirmed as cancelled, there’s no word on what kind of game-related programming they’ll fit in.