DreamWorks CEO Offered $75 Million to Extend Breaking Bad 0


In a recent interview with Variety, DreamWorks Animation CEO revealed that he loved the TV series Breaking Bad so much that he offered $75 million to extend the life of the series by three more episodes after the finale, with plans to broadcast six minute chunks of the new content on-demand online.

“I had this crazy idea,” explains Katzenberg. “I was nuts for the show. I had no idea where this season was going.”

“I said [to them], ‘I’m going to create the greatest pay-per-view television event for scripted programming anybody’s ever done.’”

Katzenberg even emphasized just how much $75 million was with regard to what Breaking Bad was pulling regularly:

“The last series cost about $3.5 million an episode,” he continues. “So they would make more profit from these three shows than they made from five years of the entire series.”

…unfortunately for Katzenberg, and fortunately for fans who want things to be left well enough alone, nothing came of the deal and Breaking Bad ended where it should, with [SPOILER ALERT] Walt lying on the ground dead from injuries sustained during a raid on the Nazi’s hideout.

Via: Variety