Doctor Who at 50: a look back at the longest running sci-fi adventure 3

Doctor Who at 50: a look back at the longest running sci-fi adventure

On November 23rd, 2013, the world’s longest running science fiction adventure series will celebrate 50 years of travels through time and space. As we approach that date, I will add more and more articles here on the subject. At most, I hope to find a video, a phrase, a picture…something that may interest a newcomer into trying out what has been called the most versatile television show ever created. At the least, I hope to post something that will entertain you for a couple of minutes.

Doctor Who can be anything. The concept is ridiculous, and ridiculously awesome at the same time. But, it HAS had 50 years on you. So, here’s a simple break-down:



The oldest planet in the universe, now long lost, was named “Gallifrey”. It was the first planet to form when the universe began, and was the cradle of life as we know it, giving birth to the first species in all of existence. Being the first to conquer the physics of time travel, these Gallifreyians became known throughout the cosmos by another name: ‘Time Lords’. They developed temporal observation crafts, or to put it simply, “time machines”. These time machines operated in Time And Relative Dimensions In Space, so that’s what they were called. TARDIS. One very key thing to learn about these crafts is that they are, literally, bigger on the inside than the outside. Boggles, right? “Transcendental dimensions”, or so we are told.  Using their great technology for simple observation, the highest law of Time Lord society was one of non-interference in regards to inferior species. For a millenia untold, they simply watched the universe, aloof from all other life.

Then, about a thousand years ago (from human perspective) an unnamed member of that grand society rebelled. Stealing a TARDIS, he ran off into the universe to explore. To learn. To understand. To interfere. Unfortunately, he was in such a hurry that the TARDIS he stole was an antique, being decommissioned as a museum piece by that point. With a faulty navigation system, it seemed intent on never actually taking him where he wanted to go. Plus, the cloaking mechanism (called a “Chameleon Circuit”) fried on his first visit to 1960’s England, Earth. Thus, the exterior took the form of a British “Police Box” (what the Bobbies used to call into the station, before the advent of CB radio). The Chameleon Circuit has never been repaired.

The TARDIS disguised as a circa-1960's Police Box, or a time machine disguised as a cheap prop? You decide!

Ian and Barbara

Ian and Barbara

Now at first, this rebel was just as aloof, heartless, and detached as his Time Lord brethren. But, an accidental run-in with humans in a 20th century junkyard changed all that. When they end up traveling with this Time Lord outcast, it is through these two… two normal human high school teachers…that he is shown the universe through human eyes. To be able to truly understand and sympathize with other species. To see how frail life truly is. This revelation is not lost on him. On the contrary, it would be these exact circumstances that set him on the road to becoming the legend he is today.

Recognizing evil…injustice…perversions of life itself, this mysterious traveler decided that it must be fought. That good must beat evil. And that if there was no one that could fight on the universe’s behalf…no one that could stand up to the cosmic threats…then it was up to him.

Hartnell goddamn space clowns

...goddamn space clowns...

This lone, strange, enigmatic alien with two hearts and an IQ of 16,005. This time traveler with no name.

Billions of worlds, throughout trillions of years, and they all know him in different ways. To some he is a legend. A cultural hero from their past. To others, a wise, learned professor of the universe. And between his enemies, he is whispered as “the oncoming storm”, from which there is no escape.

But, if you ask him his name, he will simply reply with three words: “I’m The Doctor”

End Part One

Okay, enough talk. I’ll try and include a video at the end of these to give you some moving pictures to go with it all. Up first, a nice little overview of the past 50 years by YouTube creator LastWhovian: