Conan on TBS November 8th (that’s two weeks!) 0

Conan on TBS November 8th (that's two weeks!)

It’s been roughly 9 months since we’ve last seen Conan O’Brien in a regular TV role. That’s enough time for us to have had a baby. And, frankly, if we were having a baby with all of you at the same time, that truly would be a rough 9 months. As the Coco Curtain (yes, we call it that) closed at NBC on January 22nd 2010, we weren’t exactly sure where the Conan, Conando, and Coco were headed. Would they later re-retake over the Tonight Show? Would Conan retire? Would he start up Fox’s late night bid? It wasn’t until months later that we learned of the TBS decision, and discovered it’d be months more until that started. Well, now, here we are. A mere two weeks before Conan’s Monday night debut on November 8th. Oh the jitters — the jitters! The commercial spots leading up to the series have been awesome, and we must say we’re decidedly pro Team Coco. So, whatcha think, with or without beard?