Conan O’Brien; “Check out my show or don’t. I’ve got a car to drive off a cliff” 0

Conan O'Brien; "Check out my show or don't.  I've got a car to drive off a cliff"

Coco knows what we really want: Top Notch Entertainment. As the hype train rolls on for the launch of his upcoming series, Conan O’Brien is psyched. He’s mad. He’s bad. He’s dangerous. And, goddamnit, he’s ready to put on a show. …that has his name. And is safely out of the reach of Jay Leno, natch. So what’s the best way to get the word out there that this is all going on? A several-month-long debate on national television between nighttime icons? …wait, really? No? Well, then… is it packing a classic muscle car with tons of explosive and dynamite and un-popped popcorn, then having the star of the upcoming series drive that mother effer off of a cliff to tune of giant fireballs? Obviously. This is the Conan that we knew from the Late Night show. Back, bearded, and redder than ever. So if you weren’t already planning on checking out his new TBS late night show on November 8th, then maybe this video of Conan driving a car off a cliff will spark some interest!


Simple math:

1969 Dodge Dart
900 foot drop into Devil’s Drop Canyon
80 pounds of plastique
40 gallons of gasoline
illegal New Hampshire fireworks
600 pounds of popcorn kernels
top notch entertainment