Black Mirror Episode’s Movie Rights Bought by Robert Downey Jr. 0

Black Mirror Episode's Movie Rights Bought by Robert Downey Jr.

The movie rights to the Black Mirror episode titled “The Entire History of You” has been bought by Robert Downey Jr., according to Broadcast. Black Mirror was created by Charlie Brooker, and is an anthology show that focuses on the darker side of modern tech and pop culture. The Entire History of You was written by Peep Show’s Jesse Armstrong, and starred Toby Kebbell and Jodie Whittaker.

The premise for The Entire History of You involves an alternate reality in which people have implants that can record everything he or she does, sees, and hears. These records can be played back and rewatched again and again. The episode finds Kebbell’s character having trouble once he started suspecting that his wife has had an affair with another man.

The Broadcast report noted that “Downey Jr. is understood to have fought off competition from rivals including George Clooney to acquire the rights.” but it is not clear whether Downey Jr. wants to star n the adaptation or just wants to stay behind the scenes as a producer.

Via: BleedingCool