WWDC 2011: iPhones and iPads need PCs no more 0

WWDC 2011: iPhones and iPads need PCs no more

You buy an iPhone, or worse yet, and iPad, and get all anxious to download fun apps and use Facetime and play games when… BAM! You’re reminded, by the very device you’re holding, that it’s not official yet. Instead, you have to go home, connect it to your PC, download and install the latest version if iTunes, get everything ready and waiting, etc. It’s always been a giant pain in the but, especially in the case of an iPad, whose very existence for many is to replace the need of a PC all together. Well, apparently, the folks at Apple were listening. Better still – they agree! And now, PC’s are a thing of the past.

As part of the new iOS 5, Apple today announced that iPhones and iPads will now be self-contained units, right out of the box. Software updates can be done independently from a PC, meaning you never have to dig for that white USB cord again. When iOS 5 launches this fall, Apple will bring this glorious ability to iPad, iPad 2, iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4, as well as the third and fourth generations of the iPod Touch.

WWDC 2011 has been a big thrill for MAC enthusiasts and Apple fans alike, but this seemingly-simple announcement received one of the largest rounds of applause from everyone in attendance at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference.