The PlayStation Phone. THE PLAYSTATION PHONE! 0

The PlayStation Phone.  THE PLAYSTATION PHONE!

It’s like everything we’ve always wanted has finally been crammed down into a handheld item. Cell Phone. Video game device. Bundle of awesome. What is it? The PlayStation Phone! Rumored for what feels like centuries, we’re just not starting to get some actual, real details — and some actualer, realler speculative details. The basics; the phone will run on the newer Android 3.0, the a Sony Marketplace (aka PlayStation Network) supporting games and downloads. The screen will be of the touch nature, with the drop down gamepad controller giving much more of a PSP GO-friendly vibe to indepth gaming (versus iPhone touchscreen’s occasionally awkward approach to more-than-Flash games). The device features roughly a 4 inch screen, hundreds of features, and comes with enough envy for you to spread around your entire neighborhood.

So, the real question is … does it work? The real answer; we don’t know. Everything seen and known about the device is based solely on the “as now” prototypes, with actual, for-sale versions not being planned until a very late 2010 release, or a much-more-likely 2011 shot. It will be interesting to see how competitive Sony gets with Nintendo’s upcoming portable launch of the Nintendo 3DS, due out in late winter, early spring of 2011 around the globe.

PlayStation Phone

Also not truly known is the gameplaying capabilities of the device. Are we talking PS1? PS2? PS3? …are there more, secretive iterations and PS numbers we’re not aware of that this thing can pull off? Will it damage or compete with the PSP Go! market? What about the PSP2, which itself lies in shadows of rumor and speculation?

So little is known for sure. But, hey, that’s what the internet is here for – to spout your opinions and guesses, then claim them superior to others!