New iPhone 5 features: sleek design, laser keyboard, hologram display 1

New iPhone 5 features: sleek design, laser keyboard, hologram display

Since the day after Apple released the iPhone 4, the tech savvy world has been eagerly awaiting it’s successor. Actually, in many cases, that eager anticipation likely began before it iPhone 4 hit store shelves. And while we’ve been inundated with countless rumors as to what the iPhone 5 (or even iPhone 4S) have in store for us, Apple remains tight lipped. Tight peeled, even. But why would you want to hide all of these amazing features, like this video’s sleek new iPhone design, a projected laser keyboard, and a holographic display you can shrink and zoom in real time??


Well, largely, because the video isn’t all that real. I mean, sure, it’s a real video that was really put on YouTube. And it features real ideas (that are real sweet). But as of now, we just have to tally this as part of the rumor mill, since no official word, or video, can confirm the iPhone 5 will have such a thin shape, or holo-typing enhancements. Yet.

In the meantime, that doesn’t have to stop us from really loving the video and the new features displayed within. The computer generated Concept iPhone 5 makes a tremendous leap over anything seen in the iPhone 4 or iPhone 3G models – perhaps even stepping into a not-too-distant “hoverboard” future. And, as of the printing of this article, it is still not clear if the hoverboard will beat the iPhone 5 release date.

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