DC Comics offers 99 cent digital comics in the Justice League 101 Sale 0

DC Comics offers 99 cent digital comics in the Justice League 101 Sale

For the ultranerdy mix of comic book fans, gadget phones, and fans of a sale, have we got some good news for you! In honor of The New 52 launching with DC Comics, the venerable comic book company is offering a special sale this weekend for all things Justice League! Or, at least, many things Justice League. While Geoff Johns and Jim Lee are busy whipping up new issues of the new Justice League, DC Digital Comics is holding the Justice League 101 Sale, where 101 JL and JL-related digital comic books are only $0.99 each. So what’s part of the deal? Read on!

The variety that makes up the 101 books is actually pretty darn good. It includes classic appearances in Brave and the Bold, Elseworlds tales like The New Frontier, parts of Grant Morrison’s 90s run, the awesomely impressive Identity Crisis, the artwork styling of Ed Benes, and more!

How can you get your grubby mitts on them? There are a few ways! You can access them on your intrawebbed computer, at read.dccomics.com. Or, if you have the Comixology app, or the Comixology-powered DC Comics application, you can purchase them on your portable device via iPhone, iPad, or iWhatever else.

The Justice League 101 Sale runs from September 24 to September 25 – that’s today and tomorrow – so don’t miss this opportunity to get into the world of digital comics!

“I have these really beat up copies and over the years I’ve gone and bought new copies at Comic Con for like $15 or $20, but I wouldn’t open those up and read them. The nice thing about digital is that it allows me to carry these books with me wherever I go and catch up on my back reading from 38 years ago. It’s exciting. Some of this stuff I’ll be seeing for the first time ever, so I’m pretty excited about that.” -Jim Lee


the Justice League 101 Sale at DC Comics.com

[Source: DC Comics]