After a 20 year love affair, the McRib McReturns 0

After a 20 year love affair, the McRib McReturns

If we told you right now that the McRib was back at McDonald’s, would you instantly stop reading this post to buy one… bag of them? Have you already stopped because I just said McRib? Could I type anything right now, and you wouldn’t even notice, because you’re dreaming of the deliciously rare delectable? Do I essentially have my fingers on autopilot now because I can’t stop thinking about the McRib? Well, if it’s any comfort, we’re not alone. America — nay, the world! — has a McRib obsession. For nearly 20 years, the sandwich has teased us with its brief appearances. Thankfully, technology has improved in those same two decades, allowing agencies, corporations, and … hungry folk like Alan Klein to have created the McRib Locator; a site where you can pinpoint your BBQ delight.

The Wall Street Journal recently interviewed some folks who have driven hundreds of miles, for 10+ hour rides, just to get their paws on a few, with near universal-grumbling over how difficult McDonald’s was making the process. The struggle, seemingly, continues.

But now, on November 2nd, for the first time in 16 years, McDonald’s will launch the McRib nationwide for a six week tour. Perhaps that will help even the sales playing field, which currently sits at 1 McRib sold for every 25 Big Macs. Damn you, Big Mac, with your fame grabbing ways, special sauce, all beef patties… sesame seed buns… sorry. Trailing off there. Let’s see what Spanish Homer Simpson has to say about this…


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