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Gamecube Resident Evil Remake to Get an HD Remaster 0

When it comes to multiplatforms, the Gamecube was at a disadvantage vs the Playstation 2, not because it had weaker hardware (the Gamecube was more powerful than the PS2 in certain areas and vice versa), but simply because Sony had a stronger third party backing. It ended up that devs made games for the PS2(…)

WATCH: Super TIME Force Launch Trailer 0

Fans of quirky platformer should rejoice, as Capybara Games’ time-twisting platformer Super TIME Force has been released on the Xbox One and Xbox 360 platforms as a download title, so get to purchasin’ and downloadin’ if you want to see what the game has in store. Or, if you want to check out what the(…)

Capcom Announces Ultra Street Fighter IV Release Dates 0

Capcom has recently announced the North American release dates for both the console and PC versions of Ultra Street Fighter IV. The game can be purchased either as a Digital Upgrade, or a Full Retail or Digital Bundle. The prices and release dates are as follows:

Pier Solar HD Release Date Pushed Back 0

It seems that the indie RPG Pier Solar HD is having some trouble getting out of the gates. It was originally set for a December 2013 release, but was pushed back to April 2014, and then it encountered yet another delay until Watermelon Games went ahead and issued a backers only update stating that the(…)

Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z Battle Trailer 0

The latest trailer for the multiplatform ninja actioner Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z has been released, once again showcasing the game’s insane action-packed gameplay, featuring showdowns with a mech and a gigantic two-headed baby. Yes, you read that right. The game will make the Devil May Cry series look tame by comparison, if we’re talking about(…)

New Video for Dark Souls II: Hollow Lullaby 0

The Dark Souls franchise is well known for being dark, depressing, and extremely damn hard, giving no quarter to players brave enough to try it – veteran or novice alike. It is therefore expected that its trailers will be gloomy and intimidating. However, FromSoftware’s most recent video, titled “Hollow Lullaby,” seems to be a little(…)

New SoulCalibur II HD Online Features Mitsurugi and Maxi 0

Namco Bandai has just released a new preview clip for their upcoming PS3 and Xbox 360 remake of Soul Calibur 2, aptly named SoulCalibur II HD Online. The preview shows off a matchup between fan favorites Mitsurugi and Maxi, who are being played by French professional players DTN and Mark Nikil, respectively. See the amazing(…)

SoulCalibur II HD Online Preview Video Released 0

Namco Bandai is getting ready to revisit the second installment in their hit SoulCalibur series of weapon-based fighting games via SoulCalibur II HD Online, which should be a breath of fresh air for people who feel that the most recent installments (I’m looking at you, SoulCalibur: Broken Destiny) became ridiculously hard to the point of(…)

New Dark Souls II Teaser 0

The sequel to From Software’s groundbreaking Dark Souls has just released a new video teaser, titled “Forging a Hero.” As expected, it really is just a teaser. You won’t see any actual gameplay footage. It looks more like a teaser for a Hollywood film, featuring an armor-clad individual forging a blade of some sort. You(…)

Batman: Arkham Origins UK Collector’s Edition Revealed 0

The New Batman: Arkham Origins collector’s edition has been announced for the UK, and it looks like the kind of stuff that will make North American and Japanese gamers wish they lived in a different country. For starters, there’s a 12″ Batman and Joker statue. Then you also have a metal game case, an 80(…)