Wii U

Hyrule Warriors Release Window Announced 0

Back in December, Nintendo got everybody’s attention when they released a teaser video showing off a Dynasty Warriors-style game based on their Legend of Zelda franchise. Now, the game has been given a release window. According to a recent financial results briefing, the tentatively-titled Hyrule Warriors (Zelda Musou in Japan) is scheduled to arrive in(…)

Nintendo Announces Game Boy Advance Games for Wii U Virtual Console 0

VC Addicts should set aside a few bucks for next month, as Nintendo has just announced a lineup of new titles that will be making its way to their VC catalogue next month. This time around, it features a bunch of Game Boy Advance classics, which should allow Wii U owners to relive the best(…)

New Trailer for Bayonetta 2 0

Nintendo and developer Platinum Games have recently posted a brand new trailer for the upcoming sequel to Bayonetta, aptly titled Bayonetta 2, during the most recent Nintendo Direct presentation. One of the key changes, obviously, is that it has been ported to a Nintendo console, the Wii U, something that was not possible last gen(…)

Nintendo Bringing DS Games to Wii U Virtual Console 0

All of the recent doom-and-gloom predictions about Nintendo’s future, despite being unproven, do have a basis in fact, as their quarterly financial meeting in Japan proved that there is a need to shake things up and make their latest console, the Wii U, appeal more to consumers.

Dr. Luigi Announced for Wii U eShop 0

Nintendo is on a roll, and it looks like 2014 is finally the year when the Wii U opens the floodgates on new titles. One of the latest titles to be announced will be trickling down to the Wii U eShop, but it’s equally as anticipated as any of the big releases. Titled Dr. Luigi,(…)

Nintendo Gives Link the Dynasty Warriors Treatment 0

The recent Nintendo Direct presentation brought out a preview trailer for a game that will bring excitement to both Legend of Zelda fans and Dynasty Warriors aficionados, as it shows the former’s Link in a game that has the combat mechanics of the latter. If the video itself isn’t clear with the connection between the(…)

Nintendo Reveals eShop Downloadable Indie Lineup 0

This gen seems to be keen on courting the Indie devs and encouraging them to move their business to consoles, as opposed to their former stomping grounds, the PC. Nintendo is not one to get left behind, as their recent eShop promo trailer shows off their hard hitting Indie Lineup – sure, they don’t sport(…)

New Screenshots from Super Mario 3D World 0

A whole truckload of new screenshots has just been released for the upcoming Wii U first party title, Super Mario 3D World. The screenies show off the colorful and varied settings you can expect to run around in (including the Bowser train!) and proves that underpowered or not, Nintendo’s latest home console has the capability(…)

Wii Mini Comes to the US with Mario Kart Wii Bundle 0

A year ago, Nintendo announced a new stripped-down version of the Wii that was priced in the sub-$100 range. I was exclusive to Canada at that time, but the big N has recently revealed that they are planning to bring it to the United States this holiday season, where it will retail for $99.99. Since(…)

Nintendo Schedules Wii Fit U Trial Version for Next Month 0

Nintendo has just announced that a trial version for the upcoming sequel to Wii Fit, aptly titled Wii Fit U because it’s coming out for the Wii U, will be made available for download from the Nintendo eShop starting on November 1. So all of you fitness fanatics who prefer a little Nintendo in your(…)