Joel Silver Criticizes Zack Snyder’s Watchman Ending 0

Joel Silver has recently criticized Zack Snyder’s adaptation of the iconic graphic novel Watchmen, stating that the director was a “slave to the material.” Silver followed it up with a reveal of the ending that he planned for the project and how his version was supposed to be better. Silver was originally developing an adaptation(…)

Al’s Comic Shop Buzz:Before Watchmen!! 1

So DC has announced a bunch of one-shots and mini-series prequels to Watchmen,one of the most acclaimed stories in comics. Fan reaction has been mixed to say the least.Judging by the comic sites I have visited,it comes down to either: you’re against it and DC is just going for a cash-grab and disrespecting the work(…)

New Updates on DC’s Watchmen Sequel

New Updates on DC’s Watchmen Sequel 1

With or without Alan Moore’s approval (or even acknowledgement, as the creator has already washed his hands off of the franchise), DC is moving forward with new comic books based on the seminal superhero deconstruction piece Watchmen. A recent Bleeding Cool report has confirmed that the comic book company has signed Andy Kubert to illustrate(…)