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Bruce Campbell Hints at Return for the Evil Dead TV Series 0

This year’s Comic Con saw an announcement from Sam Raimi himself that confirms an Evil Dead TV Show. Besides revealing that he is co-writing with his brother Ted and original star Bruce Campbell, the director also suggested that Campbell might be making a return in front of the camera.

Synopsis for Agent Carter Series Released 0

Now that ABC has already greenlighted a new TV series based on Marvel’s Agent Carter, the official synopsis has been released online, giving everyone a glimpse of what they can expect from the show story-wise. As previously announced, the series will follow Peggy Carter after the events of Captain America: The First Avenger, with the(…)

Upcoming Agent Carter Series Discussed by Screenwriters 0

It’s no surprise that Agent Carter will get her own series, as actress Hayley Atwell managed to show a great deal of screen presence – stealing scenes left, right, and center – during Captain America: The First Avenger. While the spin-off series has been rumored for quite some time now, it was only recently that(…)

Evan Goldberg Addresses Preacher TV Show 0

After the announcement that Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg were to helm the long-awaited Preacher TV adaptation, the latter has started opening up to the press about the project, with a recent statement confirming that he’s confident regarding the series’ chosen platform, citing that TV is the best medium for the property. “We’re beyond excited,”(…)

New Terminator TV Series in the Works 0

It’s already been announced that the Terminator franchise will be getting a big-screen reboot, but Skydance and Anapurna have recently announced plans to bolster the reboot campaign with a brand new TV series written and produced by Zack Stentz and Ashley Miller. The movie reboot’s writers, Laeta Kalogridis and Patrick Lussier, will also be involved(…)

Rambo TV Series Planned, Stallone to Star 0

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Entertainment One and Nu Image are currently developing a new action TV series for the Rambo franchise. And while that’s a surprising – yet welcome – piece of news, what’s even more surprising is that Sylvester Stallone himself may end up reprising the role of John Rambo.

Clark Gregg Talks About Upcoming S.H.I.E.L.D. Series

Clark Gregg Talks About Upcoming S.H.I.E.L.D. Series 0

Clark Gregg, who played Agent Coulson in the Marvel movies, seems to be the most recognizable face that will appear on the forthcoming S.H.I.E.L.D. TV series, and it’s been further confirmed by the actor himself taking time out to explain how his character manages to appear in the series considering his fate in the Avengers(…)

Twilight TV Series and Spin-Off Rumored

Twilight TV Series and Spin-Off Rumored 0

It’s not surprising that Lionsgate doesn’t want an extremely lucrative franchise to go gently into the night, so the rumor that the studio is targeting a TV series or spin-off movie does have some weight to it.

New Exorcist TV Series

New Exorcist TV Series 0

40 years after The Exorcist became the first ever horror film to be nominated for a Best Picture Oscar, Hollywood is once again trying to take a stab at the William Peter Blatty bestseller with a new ten episode television series backed by Morgan Creek productions. The series will be adapted for TV by Sean(…)