Capcom Releases New Strider Behind the Scenes Video 0

We’re only mere days away from Strider’s release on a wide variety of platforms, and Capcom wants to remind everyone about the rich, if somewhat underappreciated, history of the franchise by releasing a new Behind the Scenes featurette, which contains insights from Capcom Japan and the developers at Double Helix. You can watch the Strider(…)

Capcom Releases Strider Series Retrospective 0

Capcom is getting ready to release the new Strider game this month, and in order to get people properly excited, they have released a nostalgic video retrospective that looks back into the history of the titular sci-fi ninja hero throughout the years. The video retrospective covers his debut on the arcades in 1989, right up(…)

Differences Between PS3 and PS4 Versions of Strider 0

Oddly enough, it seems like the Xbox One isn’t the only thing that the PS4 has to worry about, as it is also facing competition from its own older sister, the PS3, especially when it comes to titles that will be released for both consoles. Additionally, the advancements that happened between the PS3 and the(…)

PS3 Version of Strider Reboot Comes with Classic Strider Games 0

As further proof that Japanese gamers always have it better than us, the Japanese gaming mag Famitsu has just revealed that the PS3 version of Capcom’s upcoming Strider reboot will have a special bonus content: aside from the actual game, a custom theme, and a special video, the PS3 Strider will also pack PSone Classics(…)

New Trailer For 2014 Strider Game 0

Many gamers from my generation – particularly those who cut their teeth on arcade machines – remember Strider fondly. The arcade version of Strider was far superior than the console ports, and provided one of the most adrenaline-pumping side-scrolling hack and slash games at the time.