Star Wars

Roberto Orci to Replace J.J. Abrams as Star Trek Director? 0

J.J. Abrams previously clarified that there’s room in his schedule for both Star Wars and Star Trek, but it seems that Paramount is now shopping around for a new director to helm their Sci Fi franchise, with Roberto Orci reportedly lobbying hard to be the chosen one.

New Star Wars Spin-Off Movies Will Not Draw on the Expanded Universe 0

Screenwriter Simon Kinberg is currently working on one of the upcoming Star Wars spin-offs, but he has recently clarified that the main series of films will not be based on the expanded universe from the novels, contrary to rumors and speculations that have circulated last year.

Star Wars: Episode VII Sets May to September as Filming Schedule 0

According to a recent report by, Star Wars: Episode VII now finally has a concrete start date for when the filming will start: May to September. 3 months may seem like a short time, especially given how big the franchise is, but according to HitFix, Abrams will also be spending around fifteen months in(…)

Star Wars: Episode VII Meeting with Zac Efron Confirmed 0

It was previously rumored that actor Zac Efron, who is more famous for his Disney roots and the succeeding string of romcoms, is being considered for a role in Disney’s Star Wars Episode VII. While most people shot the idea down, Efron himself confirmed in a recent MTV interview that he has been in a(…)

Star Wars VII to Cast Judi Dench as Mon Mothma? 0

When it comes to Disney/LucasFilm’s next installment in the main Star Wars saga, majority of rumors and speculations are towards the old cast returning to their iconic roles, as well as which actors will play characters new to the series. However, there’s a new type of rumor floating around: new actors being cast to play(…)

LucasFilm Rumored to Have Developed Indy 5 Just to Secure Ford for Star Wars 0

There are rumors floating around that the 5th installment in the Indiana Jones movie franchise is merely a deal struck in order to secure Harrison Ford’s participation for Star Wars: Episode VII. The rumor came from The Daily Superhero, which suggests that a guarantee of starring in one more Indy film is part of the(…)

George Lucas Will Have Huge Presence on Star Wars: Episode VII Production 0

Many fans of the Star Wars franchise believe that George Lucas has already passed the torch (thanks in large part to the sale of the company to Disney), and they believe that the franchise is in good hands, since J.J. Abrams has consistently proven that he can do justice to beloved franchises. However, George Lucas’(…)

Ben Kingsley Addresses Star Wars VII Rumors 0

A week ago, a rumor started making the rounds online, suggesting that Sir Ben Kingsley had read for a Star Wars Episode VII role. Now, Kingsley is definitely a fan favorite and has proven to be one of the most versatile actors in the industry, as proven by his recent role in Iron Man 3(…)

LucasFilm Denies Rumors that J.J. Abrams is Leaving Star Wars: Episode VII 0

These past few weeks, rumors about J.J. Abrams dropping out of Star Wars: Episode VII have started floating to the surface, buoyed by official confirmation that the director will be returning to the Star Trek movie franchise as well as news that Abrams might not be willing to shoot the movie in the UK, since(…)

Rumor: Star Trek 3 Starts Filming in 2014

Rumor: Star Trek 3 Starts Filming in 2014 0

Now that J.J. Abrams is locked in for Star Wars: Episode VII, Star Trek fans are worrying that he might not be able to continue his Star Trek gig. Or at best, it may lead to some delays. However, according to a recent Buzzhub report, Zachary Quinto himself has revealed during an interview in Galway,(…)