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New Trailer for The Conjuring Spin-Off: Annabelle 0

James Wan’s extremely terrifying slow burn horror film The Conjuring has received a spin-off, one that focuses on the disturbing possessed doll that was featured in the early parts of the film. Titled “Annabelle,” the titular doll will be taking center stage in this prequel. The trailer shows the events that would probably lead to(…)

Harry Potter Spin Off Dated 0

Warner Bros has just announced the release date for the Harry Potter franchise spin-off film, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. According to the announcement, the film will be coming to the US on November 18, 2016. Additionally, it was revealed that it will be the first in a newly-planned trilogy of spin off(…)

Upcoming Agent Carter Series Discussed by Screenwriters 0

It’s no surprise that Agent Carter will get her own series, as actress Hayley Atwell managed to show a great deal of screen presence – stealing scenes left, right, and center – during Captain America: The First Avenger. While the spin-off series has been rumored for quite some time now, it was only recently that(…)

Star Wars Spin-Offs will Be Origin Stories 0

It’s already been confirmed that Disney’s new batch of Star Wars properties will include movies spun off of the main series, focusing on other characters with the likes of Yoda, Han Solo, and Bobba Fett being rumored. However, Disney CFO Jay Rasulo has recently dropped a brief hint regarding the nature of the spin-offs via(…)

Disney Considering a Yoda Spin-Off Movie

Disney Considering a Yoda Spin-Off Movie 0

It’s no secret that Disney is starting to think of ways on how they can make the most out of the newly acquired Star Wars properties, with a potential series of spin-off movies being bandied about. In fact, The Hollywood Reporter has stated that Simon Kinberg and Lawrence Kasdan are already exploring possible storylines that(…)

Twilight TV Series and Spin-Off Rumored

Twilight TV Series and Spin-Off Rumored 0

It’s not surprising that Lionsgate doesn’t want an extremely lucrative franchise to go gently into the night, so the rumor that the studio is targeting a TV series or spin-off movie does have some weight to it.