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Simon Kinberg Regrets X-Men: The Last Stand 0

When it comes to the original X-Men trilogy of films, majority of fans believe that the quality of the films only went down when the third film, The Last Stand, came out. There are various discussions and articles about the problems with the franchise at that point, but the consensus is that it’s a poor(…)

Fantastic Four Reboot Will Be Less Cartoony 0

Screenwriter Simon Kinberg has been making the rounds lately, dishing out much-needed information on various comic book related projects from Fox. This time around, he reveals that Josh Trank’s Fantastic Four reboot will have a less cartoonish tone than its predecessors.

New Star Wars Spin-Off Movies Will Not Draw on the Expanded Universe 0

Screenwriter Simon Kinberg is currently working on one of the upcoming Star Wars spin-offs, but he has recently clarified that the main series of films will not be based on the expanded universe from the novels, contrary to rumors and speculations that have circulated last year.

Simon Kinberg in Charge of Fox’s X-Men and Fantastic Four Movies 0

Fox has recently appointed writer/producer Sam Kinberg as the new curator of their Marvel properties, after the signing of a 3-year first-look deal that will task Kinberg with the enviable task of expanding the X-Men and Fantastic Four cinematic universes. Fox has already brought in Mark Millar last year in order for a similar role,(…)

Simon Kinberg to Reboot Fantastic Four 0

Fox’s next installment in the Fantastic Four movie franchise will be a complete reboot, which is understandable considering the lukewarm response it received from moviegoers and critics, and considering how high the bar has been set by other comic book movies since then. According to Heat Vision, Fox’s desire to revitalize the franchise prompted the(…)