Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon Sequel to be Released via Netflix and IMAX 0

The Weinstein Company has recently inked a deal that will allow the simultaneous release of the sequel to Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon – titled Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: The Green Legend – on both IMAX theatres and Netflix’s service. The film is being promoted as Netflix’s first original movie, and is described as a story(…)

Shane Black’s New Predator Film is a Sequel Instead of a Reboot 0

Fox recently announced that they will be bringing back the Predator movie franchise, with Shane Black at the helm. However, it’s not going to be a reboot (which, as expected, has become the norm for returning movie franchises these days). In a recent interview with Collider, Black confirmed that it’s going to be a sequel:

Richard Donner Confirms Goonies Sequel 0

This may seem completely out of left field, but when TMZ recently asked Richard Donner if he would consider doing another comic book movie, the director replied with a very surprising “If you call Goonies a comic book… we’re doing a sequel.”

Universal Wants Another Riddick Sequel, Says Vin Diesel 0

Action star Vin Diesel is one of the few Hollywood actors who are really hands-on with their social media presence, choosing to personally handle his social media accounts instead of outsourcing the work to an assistant or a PR firm. This is why most of the Vin Diesel news usually comes from the man himself.(…)

Avatar Sequels will be like Godfather, says James Cameron 0

James Cameron has recently shared a little bit of info on what people can expect from the upcoming sequels to Avatar. The director confirmed that the story will continue to follow Sam Worthington’s character, Jake, as he tries to adapt to his new life on Pandora.

Juan Antonio Bayona Tapped for World War Z Sequel 0

The sequel to the big screen adaptation of World War Z has just appointed a new director that will replace the outgoing Marc Foster, and it’s going to be a name that’s familiar to horror fans, The Orphanage’s Juan Antonio Bayona.

Hugh Jackman Talks About The Wolverine Follow-Up 0

Hugh Jackman has always been very vocal about his excitement at the possibility of a sequel to The Wolverine, and in a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly has revealed that he is also actively pushing for it – recounting discussions he’s had with director James Mangold: “I was on the phone with Jim Mangold last(…)

Independence Day 2 Delayed 0

The long-awaited sequel to Roland Emmerich’s Sci-Fi Disaster Film Independence Day has just received a new release date, one that’s going to disappoint fans that have waited for a follow-up. Originally planned for a July 3, 2015 release in order to coincide with that year’s actual Independence Day, the movie has now been pushed back(…)

Michael Fassbender Confirms Prometheus Sequel 0

For a long time now, many fans have started worrying that Ridley Scott’s most recent sci-fi offering, Prometheus, due to the divisive reaction it got from viewers and critics alike. Fortunately, one of the film’s stars Michael Fassbender (who played the android David in the film) has confirmed that the sequel is definitely on the(…)

Guillermo del Toro is Writing a Sequel to Pacific Rim 0

In a recent interview with IGN, Guillermo del Toro has revealed that he is currently in the process of penning a sequel to the mecha vs. kaiju epic Pacific Rim, but before you get your hopes up on a follow-up, the director has admitted that he has no idea on whether the project will be(…)