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Bruce Campbell Hints at Return for the Evil Dead TV Series 0

This year’s Comic Con saw an announcement from Sam Raimi himself that confirms an Evil Dead TV Show. Besides revealing that he is co-writing with his brother Ted and original star Bruce Campbell, the director also suggested that Campbell might be making a return in front of the camera.

Sam Raimi to Reboot The Grudge 0

The Hollywood adaptation of the Japanese horror franchise Ju-On will be getting a refresh soon, courtesy of Sam Raimi’s Ghost House Productions. The first Hollywood adaptation was made back in 2004 and starred Sarah Michelle Gellar, before producing two more sequels. The Grudge focuses on a curse arising from a long-dead family’s murderous rage, which(…)

Bruce Campbell to Return for Army of Darkness 2? 0

In the recent Wizard World Nashvill Comic Con, Bruce Campbell went out of his way to address fan speculation regarding a potential sequel to Army of Darkness, and the actor admitted that a return to the role of Ash Williams is possible now, albeit with a few changes:

Amazing Spider-Man 2 Will Address Questions from First Film 0

Marc Webb’s The Amazing Spider-Man was well received by fans, and was even considered by some to be better in tone and approach to Sam Raimi’s first Spider-Man movie, but one of the gripes with the film is that it made an effort to set up the mysterious disappearance of Peter’s parents, but failed to(…)

Hugh Jackman Almost Had a Cameo in Raimi’s Spider-Man 0

Hugh Jackman has always been vocal about his support for crossovers between various films based on Marvel’s comic books, regardless of which company currently owns the rights. In a recent interview with HuffPo, he revealed that he almost made a cameo in the Sony-owned Spider-Man film when Sam Raimi was in the reins (Jackman’s Wolverine(…)

Sam Rockwell in Talks for Poltergeist Remake 0

According to, Fox’s planned remake of Poltergeist already has a few A-listers lining up to join the cast list, with Iron Man’s Sam Rockwell reportedly in talks for the film’s lead role.

Evil Dead Sequels May Bridge Old and New Storylines

Evil Dead Sequels May Bridge Old and New Storylines 0

Now that Fede Alvarez’ Evil Dead remake has made the rounds at the recent WonderCon festival, it’s only a matter of time before all the questions regarding the issue of sequels start to surface and bug the filmmakers. Sam Raimi, for his part, has already confirmed to be working on an idea for a follow-up(…)

Sam Raimi Won’t Watch The Amazing Spider-Man Franchise

Sam Raimi Won’t Watch The Amazing Spider-Man Franchise 0

In a recent interview with the Huffington Post, Spider-Man director Sam Raimi has revealed that he can’t bring himself to watch Marc Webb’s The Amazing Spider-Man, despite having utmost respect for Webb, likening the situation to attending an ex-girlfriend’s wedding. Raimi’s refusal to watch The Amazing Spider-Man is understandable, considering that he was attached to(…)

Concept Art for Sam Raimi’s Version of the Lizard

Concept Art for Sam Raimi’s Version of the Lizard 0

The concept art for what could have been the Lizard in Spider-Man 2 if Sam Raimi had not chosen to go with Doctor Octopus, and it looks quite similar to what we had with Marc Webb’s the Amazing Spider-Man. Not that we’re complaining. Spider-Man 2 was arguably the best out of Raimi’s trilogy, and Alfred(…)

New Synopsis for Evil Dead Remake

New Synopsis for Evil Dead Remake 0

Fede Alvarez’s remake of the cult hit Evil Dead has just released a new synopsis courtesy of Sony. From the look of things, the remake will stay close to the original in terms of plot. The new synopsis seems to contradict initial rumors that Diablo Cody’s script will recast one of the main characters as(…)