Robocop Reboot

Joel Kinnaman Talks About Robocop’s PG-13 Rating 0

One of the main concerns that moviegoers have over Jose Padilha’s Robocop reboot is the PG-13, which would imply that it is markedly lighter in content compared to the original, which was originally X-rated due to violent content and had to be cut down in order to become R-rated. The reboot’s star, Joel Kinnaman, has(…)

New Robocop Trailer Released 0

Jose Padilha’s RoboCop reboot wasn’t getting much attention from the press these past few months, after all the outrage about the changes (mainly with regard to the costume and Robocop’s abilities) died down, and after being overshadowed by other flamebaiting announcements like the Batman casting. Now, Robocop is getting ready to once again appear on(…)

First Look at New Robocop Suit

First Look at New Robocop Suit 0

Jose Padilha’s Robocop reboot has recently begun filming in Toronto, Canada, with an on set image released (or leaked?) showing the titular cyborg policeman’s new suit making the rounds on the Internet. The Robocop reboot will star Joel Kinnaman as cormer policeman Alex Murphy, who had a really “messy accident” in the field and was(…)

Rumored SPOILERS for Upcoming Robocop Reboot

Rumored SPOILERS for Upcoming Robocop Reboot 0

A bunch of spoiler-y info coming from a person who allegedly had access to the Robocop reboot’s script has been making the rounds via Twitter, and has been featured on the French movie site, Premiere.

Hugh Laurie To Join Robocop Remake Cast as Villain?

Hugh Laurie To Join Robocop Remake Cast as Villain?

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the reboot of Paul Verhoeven’s 80s action blockbuster Robocop has added another actor to its list of big star cast, as Hugh Laurie is reportedly in talks with MGM over the role of the mega rich Omnicorp CEO, which was named Ronny Cox in the original film, and was head(…)

Development Hell: Robocop

Development Hell: Robocop 0

As we announced earlier, MGM is rebooting the Robocop franchise.  We here at Mighty Geek, just like everyone else on the internet, think that we know who should be doing the electric boogaloo in the steel jammies.