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Michael Fassbender Confirms Prometheus Return 0

While Ridley Scott’s Prometheus was a divisive film, in the sense that the people who loved it are as vocal as the people who hated it, there’s one thing that both sides can agree on: Michael Fassbender’s David was one of the best characters in the story. In a recent interview with Collider.com, the actor(…)

Alien: Isolation will be Survival Horror 0

For the longest time now, videogames associated with the Aliens franchise have all been action-oriented. Even the ridiculously difficult (due to broken design, and not because it’s cleverly designed to be challenging) Aliens: Colonial Marines is still action-based. But according to a recent announcement, the next videogame based on Ridley Scott’s sci fi horror franchise(…)

Ridley Scott has Discussed Blade Runner 2 with Harrison Ford 0

There’s been a lot of talk about a potential Blade Runner sequel these past few years, mainly because a lot of remakes and sequels for iconic franchises from the same period have cropped up, such as Total Recall, Terminator, Robocop, among others. Ridley Scott himself has noted that the lack of a finished script is(…)

Fox Going Ahead with Prometheus Sequel

Fox Going Ahead with Prometheus Sequel 0

The wheels continue to turn over at Fox regarding the potential sequel to Ridley Scott’s Prometheus, with the studio reportedly in talks with a new screenwriter in order to get a script up and running. Ridley Scott is open about the film being made with starting a franchise in mind, and this new development shows(…)

Quentin Tarantino Shares His Thoughts on Prometheus

Quentin Tarantino Shares His Thoughts on Prometheus 0

Quentin Tarantino, much like majority of his fans, is a proud geek. This means it’s hardly surprising that he has some pretty strong opinions about one of 2012’s most divisive sci fi movies, Prometheus. Tarantino shared his thoughts via a US chat-show, where he started by praising certain aspects of Ridley Scott’s film before expounding(…)

Prometheus Sequel Expected in 2014-2015

Prometheus Sequel Expected in 2014-2015 0

The box office success of Prometheus has made 20th Century Fox so confident that they are already making plans for a follow up even though the original hasn’t even found its way to DVD and Blu Ray yet. According to The Hollywood Reporter, director Ridley Scott is actively pushing forward with a sequel that may(…)

New Prometheus Image Shows Previously Unseen Alien

New Prometheus Image Shows Previously Unseen Alien 0

Ridley Scott’s quasi-prequel to Aliens, Prometheus, is probably on its way out if we’re going by the declining (but still impressive!) box office take, but it seems they’re not willing to go quietly into the night, as they have recently released a new “previously unseen” image designed to further pique fans’ collective curiosity. The image(…)

Ridley Scott Wants Harrison Ford for Blade Runner Sequel

Ridley Scott Wants Harrison Ford for Blade Runner Sequel 0

While it’s already been confirmed that Harrison Ford and his character Deckard will not be returning for the upcoming Blade Runner sequel, director Ridley Scott has recently stated that he wants Harrison Ford back for the film, stating “I don’t think it’ll be Harry [starring], but I’ve got to have him in it somewhere. That’d(…)

New Prometheus Featurette

New Prometheus Featurette 0

A new behind-the-scenes featurette has been released for Ridley Scott’s Prometheus, in which the movie’s cast and crew talk about the creation of the titular ship. The movie’s production designer Arthur Max has made it a point to avoid clichés normally associated with movie portrayals of spaceships, and it seems like he was able to(…)

Blade Runner Sequel in the Works

Blade Runner Sequel in the Works 0

All the momentum that Ridley Scott’s kinda-sequel to Alien, Prometheus, may be reaching it’s peak soon, but chances are good that Scott’s going to have something else to keep his momentum going, as Hampton Fancher, the original scriptwriter for Scott’s 1982 sci-fi epic Blade Runner, is currently in talks to develop and write a sequel(…)