Universal Wants Another Riddick Sequel, Says Vin Diesel 0

Action star Vin Diesel is one of the few Hollywood actors who are really hands-on with their social media presence, choosing to personally handle his social media accounts instead of outsourcing the work to an assistant or a PR firm. This is why most of the Vin Diesel news usually comes from the man himself.(…)

Karl Urban Suggests Dredd Sequel is Possible if Fans Show their Support 0

Karl Urban was in attendance at the San Diego Comic-Con 2013, promoting the upcoming Riddick, but he also spent some time addressing fans’ questions about the likelihood of a follow-up to Dredd. Dredd didn’t fare too well at the box office, which means Lionsgate is finding it hard to commit to a sequel. However, Urban(…)

Riddick Gets R Rating

Riddick Gets R Rating 0

Early this year, Vin Diesel announced that Universal had greenlighted the sequel to the sci fi actioner Riddick, despite knowing that the resulting film would be given an R-Rating. And as additional proof that Vin Diesel possesses the ability to see into the future (among other powers beyond the ken of mortal men), the MPAA(…)

New Teaser Image for Riddick

New Teaser Image for Riddick 0

There’s a new teaser image released for the third installment in Vin Diesel’s popular sci fi franchise, Riddick, which will follow the exploits of the titular mercenary as he is abandoned and left for dead on a barren planet, which seems to be lifeless at first, but actually serves as the natural habitat for race(…)

Vin Diesel is Back in Riddick

Vin Diesel is Back in Riddick 0

A new teaser image has been released for the much awaited threequel to the Riddick trilogy, in which star Vin Diesel is shown shirtless and clutching some sort of tribal staff (or primitive kick ass weapon). The new film, simply entitled Riddick, will find the titular antihero cast away and left for dead on a(…)