New Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles TV Spot Hints at Different Origin Story 0

Every single fan of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles already knows their origin story – they are four actual pet turtles who were mutated into humanoid turtles after being exposed to a mutagenic slime (or ooze). However, the most recent TV spot for the film reboot of the franchise hints at a different story:

Ryu Murakami’s Audition to Get an English Adaptation 0

I’m a bit squeamish, so I have to admit that I didn’t exactly watch Takashi Miike’s infamous film adaptation of Ryu Murakami’s 1997 novel, Audition. However, even people like me know what the film is about – a lonely widower who gets more than he bargains for when he tries to find a new girlfriend(…)

Shane Black’s New Predator Film is a Sequel Instead of a Reboot 0

Fox recently announced that they will be bringing back the Predator movie franchise, with Shane Black at the helm. However, it’s not going to be a reboot (which, as expected, has become the norm for returning movie franchises these days). In a recent interview with Collider, Black confirmed that it’s going to be a sequel:

Synopsis for Mad Max: Fury Road Released 0

After being delayed for quite a while, Mad Max: Fury Road is now well on its way towards its 2015 release date. And just to prove that the film is ready for mass consumption, the official synopsis has just been released online, giving fans an idea on what we can expect from the franchise reboot:

Fox Planning Flash Gordon Remake 0

If you think Hollywood is done with remakes and reboots, you better think again. Fox is planning a remake of the iconic 80s sci-fi film (which itself is based on a comic book series), according to the Hollywood Reporter. For the uninitiated, Flash Gordon follows the adventures of the titular hero, who is the only(…)

Fantastic Four Reboot Will Be Less Cartoony 0

Screenwriter Simon Kinberg has been making the rounds lately, dishing out much-needed information on various comic book related projects from Fox. This time around, he reveals that Josh Trank’s Fantastic Four reboot will have a less cartoonish tone than its predecessors.

Michael Bay to Do Another Reboot of Friday the 13th 0

Michael Bay has already rebooted the Friday the 13th back in 2009, but the film flopped and a sequel didn’t come. Bay isn’t deterred, however, as he’s now gone back to the drawing board in order to do another re-boot of the slasher movie franchise.

Kate Mara Discusses Fantastic Four Movie Reboot 0

The Fantastic Four movie reboot from Fox is already done with its casting, with the role of Sue Storm going to Kate Mara. During a recent interview with IGN, the actress revealed that she doesn’t know much about the film yet, just enough to say that it’s a very different take, one that people may(…)

Fox Casts Toby Kebbell as Doctor Doom 0

With Fox’s reboot of the Fantastic Four movie already finished casting the protagonists, it is now time to pick the villain. The studio didn’t waste much time choosing, as they have recently revealed their pick: Toby Kebbell will be playing Victor Von Doom AKA Doctor Doom.The report came from Variety, which stated that Kebbell was(…)

Arnold Schwarzenegger Discusses Terminator: Genesis 0

Arnold Schwarzenegger is already confirmed to return to one of the roles that put him on the map via the forthcoming reboot Terminator: Genesis. The actor-turned-politician has recently taken time out of his very busy schedule in order to talk about the upcoming reboot, mainly the movie’s tone, which he likened to Terminator 2.