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New Full Length Doctor Who Trailer 0

The newest full length trailer, which originally aired during the BBC coverage of the World Cup Final, has been released online. The trailer ominously teases the return of the Daleks, while also showing Peter Capaldi’s new doctor as a different doctor from both Smith and Tennant, probably hinting at an edgier, darker doctor. The exchange(…)

Ben Wheatley to Direct Two Doctor Who Episodes 0

The 50th Anniversary Special for Doctor Who is just around the corner, and with it comes a new regeneration, with veteran actor Peter Capaldi replacing the outgoing Matt Smith and heralding series eight. One of the first directors to be confirmed for the new series, which airs in autumn of 2014, is Ben Wheatley (Kill(…)

BBC Announces Matt Smith’s Replacement for Doctor Who 0

News about Matt Smith stepping down from the role of the doctor has been floating around the net for months now, and while there are a few fans who were hoping that it’s just another misdirection from Moffat and crew, the BBC has pretty much set everything in stone by announcing Matt Smith’s replacement as(…)