George R.R. Martin Confirms Discussions Over Game of Thrones Movie 0

With the fourth series of HBO’s Game of Thrones adaptation looming, author George R.R. Martin has recently discussed the possibility of a movie adaptation, admitting that the matter has been discussed, with plans to bring the story to a close some way down the line. “It all depends on how long the main series runs,”(…)

Fox to Adapt Magic: The Gathering 0

According to a recent Heat Vision report, Fox has just signed a deal with Hasbro, which opens up doors to a big screen adaptation of the popular card game and novel franchise Magic: The Gathering. The news is certainly timely as the franchise is getting ready to celebrate its 20th year. Fox is eyeing Simon(…)

Warcraft Movie Casts Dominic Cooper, Ben Foster, and Toby Kebbell 0

Duncan Jones’ Warcraft film adaptation has just showed signs of finally getting its bearings straight and moving forward, as Variety reports a bunch of big names currently in talks to join the cast. According to the Variety report, Ben Foster and Toby Kebbell are in talks to take over two of the film’s starring roles,(…)

New 8-Minute Gameplay Movie for God Eater 2 0

4Gamer has recently posted a lengthy footage for the upcoming co-op action game God Eater 2, which serves as a nice preview of what the game has to offer – starting with the opening animation all the way to a few minutes of gameplay. For the uninitiated, God Eater 2 is a follow up to(…)

Saw 8 is Being Worked On 0

Most people were under the impression that Saw 3D was the last installment in Lionsgate’s Saw franchise. At least, for a good while (until Hollywood’s next bout of remake/boot flu.) However, a recent Bloody Disgusting report states that Lionsgate is “incredibly active in developing an eighth Saw,” with the studio already in the process of(…)

Colin Farrell in Line for Warcraft Movie Adaptation 0

It seems that Duncan Jones’ much-awaited big screen adaptation of Blizzard’s Warcraft videogame franchise is already moving forward with the casting process already underway, as reports that an actor has already been approached for the lead role. According to Deadline, Collin Farrell has already been offered the role, but is currently mulling over his(…)

World of Warcraft Film to Start Shooting in February 0

After a long time in development limbo, Duncan Jones’ World of Warcraft film adaptation is good to go, with filming scheduled to begin in the new year, according to a Production Weekly report. The report states that the filming will be done in Vancouver on January 13, 2014, with the targeted release date being 2015.

Todd McFarlane Says Spawn Remake is Possible in 2014 0

In a recent interview with The Gate, comic book scribe and Spawn creator Todd McFarlane has confirmed that he has struck a deal to write, produce, and direct a reboot of the Spawn movie, and that the film could go into production as early as 2014.

Two Paranormal Activity Movies Scheduled for 2014 0

Collider reports that 2014 will see two more films in Oren Peli’s series of found-footage horror films, Paranormal Activity. The official titles of the two films have been revealed as “Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones and Paranormal Activity 5.

Sony Greenlights Gran Turismo Movie 0

The Need for Speed movie adaptation is not a big surprise, as the franchise – particularly the later games – already has big budget Hollywood movie-type stories built in, and shouldn’t be that difficult to translate into the big screen (just produce another Fast and Furious film but change the title to Need for Speed(…)