Xbox One Midnight Launch Events in Jersey’s Microsoft Stores on Nov. 21 0

This coming November 21, 2013, Microsoft will be celebrating the launch of their newest videogame consoler/entertainment system, the Xbox One, by hosting midnight launch events in various Microsoft Retail Stores across the US, including Jersey’s stores in Bridgewater Commons and Freehold Raceway Mall, as well as the Microsoft specialty stores in Garden State Plaza and(…)

Xbox One Will Have No Support for 3rd Party Headsets Until 2014 0

If you are one of those Xbox gamers who require the best headsets (and therefore must resort to third party fancy headsets instead of the official ones), you’ll be disappointed at the recent news that the Xbox One won’t allow for third party support until early 2014. The news came via an official statement from(…)

Xbox One to Launch in 13 Markets on November 22 0

After all the bad press it Microsoft got over the initial announcement about the Xbox One’s new DRM policies, and the subsequent retraction, it looks like things are all set to go on the green camp, as Xbox One has been officially set to launch in 13 markets on November 22, 2013. The countries that(…)

Oddworld’s Lorne Lanning Believes Nintendo Will Outlast Microsoft and Zynga 0

The Nintendo Wii U is in a bind right now, with lackluster sales that industry experts blame on lack of third party support and poor brand recall (due to most consumers mistaking the Wii U as an add-on unit for the Wii). However, Oddworld creator Lorne Lanning has recently stated in an interview with Games(…)

Microsoft to Allow Self-Publishing of Games on Xbox One 0

After being burned by consumer backlash for their initial announcements about the Xbox One’s DRM policies, Microsoft seems to be going out of their way to make amends with fans. First, they removed some of the more restrictive DRM and now, they have announced that the upcoming console will essentially be a development unit, as(…)

New Killer Instinct Will Be a Free to Play Fighting Game

New Killer Instinct Will Be a Free to Play Fighting Game 0

For a short while, many fighting game aficionados were excited to hear that Rare’s 90s fighting game franchise Killer Instinct will be getting a revival as an Xbox One exclusive. However, all the buzz has since overshadowed by all the negative press that Microsoft and the Xbox One are getting (due to the draconian DRM(…)

New Xbox One Halo Teaser Trailer from E3

New Xbox One Halo Teaser Trailer from E3 0

A lot has been said about Microsoft’s E3 presentation, almost all of them negative. Be that as it may, draconian DRM tactics and flagrant disregard for the first sale doctrine has not deterred some fans from looking forward to what the Xbox One has to offer as far as game exclusives go, and with the(…)

New Alternative to iOS and Android: Sailfish

New Alternative to iOS and Android: Sailfish 0

It used to be that Android was the first legitimate alternative to Apple’s iOS juggernaut, but over time, the market has shifted and it has now turned into something similar to Coke and Pepsi, with iOS and Android being the only two viable options, with Microsoft trying so hard to break the tie, only to(…)

Microsoft May Release Office for Android and iOS

Microsoft May Release Office for Android and iOS 0

According to a Microsoft representative from Czechoslovakia, the software giant is planning to release a port of the newest Office suite to iOS and Android users on March 2013. The Verge also mentioned that there is a press release confirming Microsoft’s plan of porting Office to other platforms besides Windows, and has even mentioned that(…)

Microsoft Planning to Release Surface Smartphone

Microsoft Planning to Release Surface Smartphone 0

It seems that the Windows 8-based Surface tablet isn’t really Microsoft’s final hardware offering for this period, as they are now planning to launch their own WP8 powered smartphone in the coming months. There are no announcements regarding the launch date and the hardware specs, but it was reported to be a unique device and(…)