Upcoming Agent Carter Series Discussed by Screenwriters 0

It’s no surprise that Agent Carter will get her own series, as actress Hayley Atwell managed to show a great deal of screen presence – stealing scenes left, right, and center – during Captain America: The First Avenger. While the spin-off series has been rumored for quite some time now, it was only recently that(…)

Scott Derrickson in the Running for Doctor Strange 0

The shortlist of directors being considered for the Doctor Strange movie adaptation has just added another name: Scott Derrickson, who is still fresh off the praise that Sinister has received from critics.

Terry Crews Open to the Idea of Playing Luke Cage 0

There are no casting announcements regarding Marvel’s upcoming Netflix shows, but if the studio is looking for an actor willing to play the part of the hardskinned African American brawler, Luke Cage, they don’t need to look further as action star-and-sometimes-comedian Terry Crews has officially announced interest in the role. Crews’ name has been put(…)

Chris Evans to Take a Break From Acting After Marvel Gig 0

Chris Evans is currently doing well with Marvel, representing one of the company’s most important and iconic characters, Captain America, in their movies. However, it seems like the actor would like to try something new once his six-film Marvel contract expires. According to a recent interview with Glamour magazine, Chris Evans will be going on(…)

Patrick Wilson to Join Ant-Man Cast 0

After Paul Rudd and Michael Douglas, it seems that Edgar Wright’s big screen adaptation of Ant-Man will be adding yet another high profile name to its cast, as The Wrap reports that Patrick Wilson is currently in talks to join the project.

Marvel to Shoot New Netflix Series in New York 0

According to a recent report by Collider, Marvel has already confirmed that all four of their upcoming Netflix shows, which are based around Hell’s Kitchen, will be shot in and around New York. Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist are all getting their own shows, but their respective stories are expected to intersect(…)

Kevin Feige Discusses Doctor Strange Casting 0

In a recent interview with IGN, Marvel’s Kevin Feige has broken his silence over Marvel’s plans to bring Doctor Strange to the big screens, and has commented on fan speculation over the studio’s shortlist of directors. “We’re meeting a lot of people now,” says Feige, before dismissing the specific names mentioned as mere speculation. “But(…)

Guardians of the Galaxy Won’t Have a Stan Lee Cameo 0

One of the things that you can expect from a Marvel film is that somewhere in the movie, Stan Lee will be doing a cameo. It’s been pretty consistent so far, as the veteran creator has made appearances on films based on Marvel properties, regardless of studio (for the uninitiated, film rights to Marvel’s properties(…)

Michael Douglas IS Hank Pym 0

The previous announcement that Paul Rudd has been cast as the lead in Marvel’s film adaptation of Ant Man has lead many people to assume that Rudd will be playing Hank Pym – us included. However, the studio recently surprised everyone by announcing that Michael Douglas has been cast as Hank Pym. As for Paul(…)