Marvel Announces New One Shot: All Hail the King 0

Marvel has recently announced that they will be including another installment of the Marvel One-Shots series, which are short films that are canon within the film universe, in the upcoming home video release of Thor: The Dark World.

New Thor: The Dark World Clip 0

A new teaser clip for Thor: The Dark World has just been released, showing one of the more quiet moments in the film. Instead of showing off more action scenes and fists being driven straight into faces in a punchy manner, the clip shows Thor talking to his fallen brother Loki. The clip has Thor(…)

New TV Spot for Thor: The Dark World 0

A new extended TV spot has been released for Thor: The Dark World, featuring footage that addresses a major point of contention with The Avengers, and moments that will help tie the film to the events in the team-up movie. One of the scenes features Natalie Portman’s Jane Foster, who was absent during the events(…)

Possible Loki-Hulk Rematch? 0

In a recent interview with MTV, actor Tom Hiddleston (who plays Loki in Marvel’s film adaptation of Thor) discussed a few things about Loki’s feelings with regard to his place in Asgard, but he has also dropped hints that we may yet see a reunion between the Hulk and the god of mischief. Everybody will(…)

Thor: The Dark World Compared to Game of Thrones 0

Thor: The Dark World director Alan Taylor has recently talked to IGN, in which he drew several comparisons between the Marvel movie and his work on the HBO adaptation of Game of Thrones. He claims that it’s more than just the setting (both are set in old-world fantasy lands), and going so far as to(…)

Loki Won’t Be in Avengers: Age of Ultron 1

There’s no denying that Loki’s personal appearance at the recent San Diego Comic-Con was the highlight of the event (an impressive feat, considering the number of high-profile announcements at the event), which proves exactly how much fans love Tom Hiddleston’s portrayal of the Norse god of mischief. Unfortunately for fans, Hiddleston himself has confirmed that(…)

Tom Hiddleston Talks About Thor 2

Tom Hiddleston Talks About Thor 2 0

Despite being one of the more beloved comic book villains in the past few years, Tom Hiddleston’s Loki won’t be the only big bad in Thor: The Dark World, as he’s going to share the evil-mongering sheet with Malekith the Accursed. Malekith will be played by former 9th doctor, Christopher Eccleston, and will be portrayed(…)

Mads Mikkelsen to join Thor 2 Cast as Villain

Mads Mikkelsen to join Thor 2 Cast as Villain 0

Not to be outdone by Iron Man 3 in the cast member announcements, The still untitled sequel to Thor has just announced the inclusion of Mads Mikkelsen in its cast, with the Danish star set to play a villain who will share Big Bad duties with Tom Hiddleston’s Loki. The casting news further corroborates Kevin(…)

Toyline reveals possible surprise villain for the Avengers movie

Toyline reveals possible surprise villain for the Avengers movie 0

A toyline spoiling a surprise character is nothing new, we’ve already had numerous cases of action figure previews showing characters that have yet to appear in their respective comics (for example, the figures for Black Lantern Superman being shown in previews even before the comic has a chance to tackle the Black Lanterns), but it(…)

Loki’s favorite scene from The Avengers

Loki’s favorite scene from The Avengers 0

In a recent interview with ELLE magazine, Thor star Tom Hiddleston has confirmed that he will return as Loki in the upcoming 2012 Avengers movie as a Big Bad, and has also dropped a few juicy tidbits about the movie, particularly concerning his favorite scene: