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Live Action Promo Video for Yoshi’s New Island Released 0

Nintendo has a knack for creating live-action promo videos for their first party titles, ranging from quirky parodies to A-list celebrity-driven sketches. Their upcoming return to the Yoshi’s Island franchise – aptly titled Yoshi’s New Island – is the latest recipient of the live action treatment. This time around, it focuses on just how awesome(…)

Dark Souls II Releases Live Action Teaser 0

Namco Bandai has recently released a little teaser for the upcoming sequel to Dark Souls, which is aptly titled Dark Souls II. The teaser seems to be different from the usual fare of in-game footages and CG cinematics, because this time it’s a live action treatment with a peek at things to come. You can(…)

New Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII TV Spot Features Live-Action Lightning 0

Square-Enix has just released a new TV Spot for their upcoming final installment to the Final Fantasy XIII franchise, Lightning Returns. The TV spot is very short, but features brief gameplay footage, and a live-action depiction of series protagonist, the super soldier Lightning. The TV spot also proves just how far we’ve come when it(…)

John Leguizamo Offers Super Mario Bros Movie 20th Anniversary Message

John Leguizamo Offers Super Mario Bros Movie 20th Anniversary Message 0

The live action Super Mario Bros movie is easily one of the most maligned videogame movies to date, ranking even lower on people’s lists than Van Damme’s Street Fighter. However, the truth is that it’s actually a decent movie if you strip away all the attempts to tie it into the Super Mario Bros franchise,(…)

Mortal Kombat Reboot Confirmed by Warner Bros

Mortal Kombat Reboot Confirmed by Warner Bros 0

Warner Bros. has just confirmed that the Mortal Kombat movie franchise will be getting a makeover, which is a bit of a surprise considering that videogame movies are not really popular these days, after ceding a lot of attention to comic book adaptations, which is where Warner Bros’ strength currently lies (due to their ties(…)

New Live Action Teaser for Halo 4

New Live Action Teaser for Halo 4 0

There a (very short) sneak peek of Master Chief to be found in the new live action teaser for 343 Industries’ work on Halo 4, and while the glimpse of Master Chief is so brief that it can almost be considered as theoretical, it’s still nice to see him in all his live-action glory: