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Solo Hulk Movie Rumored 0

Technically, a solo Hulk movie has been done before, if you don’t have any problems considering the Edward Norton movie as having occurred in the same universe occupied by the current crop of Marvel films (shouldn’t be much of a stretch, at least when compared to the Ang Lee Hulk film.) but those who really(…)

Kevin Feige Discusses Doctor Strange Casting 0

In a recent interview with IGN, Marvel’s Kevin Feige has broken his silence over Marvel’s plans to bring Doctor Strange to the big screens, and has commented on fan speculation over the studio’s shortlist of directors. “We’re meeting a lot of people now,” says Feige, before dismissing the specific names mentioned as mere speculation. “But(…)

Kevin Feige Discusses Differences Between Fox and Marvel’s Quicksilver 0

With the way every title in the Marvel comic book universe is interconnected, it was only a matter of time before we see an overlap with Disney/Marvel and Fox’s respective comic book movie franchises, as both the X-Men and the Avengers have intertwining histories, particularly with the Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver, who are both been(…)

Kevin Feige Discusses Daredevil and Punisher Movies 0

When the movie rights to Punisher and Daredevil reverted back to Marvel, fans started speculating as to what the studio will do with the franchises, with the only thing they can be sure of being the fact that Marvel won’t let the rights go to another studio again, after realizing how lucrative the movies can(…)

Marvel Has Projects Lined Up Until 2021 0

Now that Marvel’s Phase 2 is underway, people are starting to wonder what else Marvel has got under its sleeve. According to head honcho Kevin Feige, a lot. In a recent interview with Wired, Feige reveals that Marvel has long-term plans and that they have projects mapped out for as far away as 2021.

Thanos Confirmed for Guardians of the Galaxy 0

It seems that Marvel has once again pulled a fast one on us. After teasing a Thanos appearance in The Avengers’ post credits scene, after an initial denial that the mad titan will be in Guardians of the Galaxy, and after announcing that The Avengers sequel’s big bad will be Ultron, they went ahead and(…)

Guardians of the Galaxy Won’t End Up Like Green Lantern, says Kevin Feige

Guardians of the Galaxy Won’t End Up Like Green Lantern, says Kevin Feige 0

It seems that DC’s much maligned movie adaptation of Green Lantern is now being seen as a lesson in what to avoid when bringing a sci-fi heavy superhero film to the big screen. Marvel’s Kevin Feige, in particular, has recently talked to and stressed that the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy will avoid turning(…)

Kevin Feige Discusses Marvel’s Phase Two

Kevin Feige Discusses Marvel’s Phase Two 0

Marvel’s Kevin Feige has recently talked to SFX Magazine regarding their plans for the Phase Two in the company’s series of comic book adaptations. The movies that he discussed include the Thor sequel, the Captain America sequel, and the Guardians of the Galaxy adaptation.

Captain America 2: The Winter Soldier Will Be a Political Thriller

Captain America 2: The Winter Soldier Will Be a Political Thriller 0

While discussing the longevity of superhero movies , Marvel Chief Kevin Feige has recently stated that the sequel to the Captain America movie will be taking the franchise beyond the boundaries of action and straight into the realm of “political thriller.” Feige suggested that the superhero movie genre had enough scope to cover various sub-categories:

Marvel’s Phase Three Will Include Doctor Strange

Marvel’s Phase Three Will Include Doctor Strange 0

Fans of Marvel’s sorcerer supreme will be glad to know that Kevin Feige, in a recent interview with MTV, confirmed that Doctor Strange will be part of Marvel’s Phase Three. Doctor Strange has long been ignored with regard to the movie treatment, but this recent announcement means that he’s finally going to get his big(…)