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Jeff Goldblum Confirmed for Independence Day 2 0

Jeff Goldblum has recently confirmed that he will be back for the sequel to Independence day, ensuring that only Will Smith remains as the missing actor from the original main cast (barring ones that cannot return because their character already died in the story). “They’ve talked to me about it,” says Goldblum, regarding ID2, “and(…)

Chris Pratt Discusses Jurassic World Role 0

Chris Pratt has recently talked to MTV, under which he managed to talk about his role in Colin Trevorrow’s upcoming film Jurassic World. He also managed to let it slip that the film managed to find a believable way of manufacturing a new situation that will find both humans and dinosaurs on the same island:

Bryce Dallas Howard in Talks for Jurassic World Role 0

After finally deciding on an official new title, Jurassic World is moving at a much faster pace (at least, compared to the delay-ridden pace that it was previously under), now going forward with the casting process. And they seem to have their eyes set on a female lead already. According to The Wrap, director Colin(…)

Jurassic Park 4 Renamed to Jurassic World 0

In what seems to be the biggest news about the 4th installment in the Jurassic Park franchise to date, Universal has announced that the movie will get both a new title and a new release date. The fourth film will known be known as Jurassic World, and its release date has been changed to June(…)