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Joel Kinnaman Talks About Robocop’s PG-13 Rating 0

One of the main concerns that moviegoers have over Jose Padilha’s Robocop reboot is the PG-13, which would imply that it is markedly lighter in content compared to the original, which was originally X-rated due to violent content and had to be cut down in order to become R-rated. The reboot’s star, Joel Kinnaman, has(…)

New TV Sport for Robocop Reboot 0

A new half-minute TV spot has just been released for the action-packed remake of the equally action packed 80s action film, Robocop. The remake will feature a slick, more agile looking Robocop suit worn by newcomer Joel Kinnaman. The TV spot will also feature the updated version of the iconic ED-209 robot, which was notable(…)

New Robocop Viral Video

New Robocop Viral Video 0

The upcoming remake of the classic 80s sci fi action movie Robocop has just released a new viral video that advertises Omnicorp’s range of high tech products, which includes a brief look at their brand new mechanised enforcers of law. The video is found within a new site created specifically for the film, which simulates(…)