Japanese Bravely Default Demo Comes With First 4 Chapters for Free 0

Japanese 3DS owners once again get another advantage over us poor Western owners of the region-locked handheld, as the Japanese Nintendo 3DS eShop is getting a new demo for Bravely Default, which will come with the first four chapters free of charge. That means Japanese 3DS owners who have yet to play the game can(…)

Japan Gets an Arcade Version of Left 4 Dead with Japanese Cast 0

Last weekend, Taito has begun location testing for a Japanese arcade version of the hit action horror FPS Left 4 Dead. Besides the transition to an arcade cabinet, one notable difference with is the new cast – Zoey, Francis, Louis and Bill have been replaced by an entirely new set of characters: Visiting Japanese students(…)

Japan Will Get a New Digimon Game Soon 0

According to a recent report by Gematsu, the February 2014 issue of V-Jump magazine will contain exclusive information, one that will be appreciated by fans of the Digimon franchise: A new Digimon game. The announcement for the game itself will happen much earlier, with December 21 being revealed as the date.

Improving Female Superheroes’ Costumes 0

There are already hundreds of articles floating around bitching about impracticalities in the costumes of superheroes, and while we’re not so high and mighty that we’d refuse to add more to the pile, we at least want something to make ours a little bit more unique. For starters, we don’t care about impracticalities in male(…)

First Teaser Trailer for Keanu Reeves’ 47 Ronin 0

We’re going to step away from all the discussions about Keannu Reeves being so kind and generous and gentle (even though we would like to add our confirmation that it is true, Mr. Reeves is really a stand-up guy), because there’s something more important to post about: the new teaser trailer for 47 Ronin.

Mighty Geek Babe of the Week: Maaya Uchida 0

It’s MightyGeek BotB time again! Only this time, we’re going to skip the top-heavy *wink, nudge* women and go for an adorable little Asian babe. We’re featuring one of Japan’s fastest rising voice (and now live-action) actresses, Maaya Uchida. According to some sources (that sounds more credible than “the friend of my friend who’s the(…)

Japan Invents Smartphone-Controlled Toilet

Japan Invents Smartphone-Controlled Toilet 0

Japan has always been at the forefront of innovation, especially with regard to technology. They’ve also been at the forefront of weird stuff. This time around, they’re proving both with an amazing smartphone-controlled toilet.

The Wolverine Starts Filming in Japan

The Wolverine Starts Filming in Japan 0

Fox is getting ready to continue their mutant-rich branch of Marvel movies in next Summer’s The Wolverine, which is the sequel to the 2009 spin-off X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Word has it that filming has already started at the Zojo-ji Temple in the Shiba neighborhood of the Minato ward in Tokyo, and there is a released(…)

Japan’s McDonald’s brings 3DS/DS Game Downloads

Japan’s McDonald’s brings 3DS/DS Game Downloads 0

Over the next four weeks, Japanese fans of the Nintendo 3DS and McDonald’s will have something that brings together two of their favorite things, as Japan’s McDonald’s branches will start to offer FREE downloadable content for both the Nintendo DS and 3DS handhelds. Some of the more noteworthy free content being made available include the(…)