Final Fantasy VII G-Bike Lands on Japanese iOS and Android on Thursday 0

Square’s Final Fantasy VII franchise will once again show up on everybody’s radar this Thursday, October 30, via the Japanese release of CyberConnect2’s modern take on the G-Bike minigame, which originally appeared on the PSX original as part of the story and as a replayable minigame at the Golden Saucer.

Final Fantasy Agito Coming to Smartphones in May 0

Square Enix’s free to play game Final Fantasy Agito, which is based on the Japanese exclusive PSP game Final Fantasy Type 0, will be making its way to the iOS and Android platform this coming May. Unfortunately, it’s going to be a Japanese-only release for the time being. Users who pre-register will receive everyday street(…)

Tales of Phantasia Makes its Way to iOS as a Free App 0

It seems like Namco has learned a few tricks from Square Enix, as they are now in the process of releasing classic titles on the iOS platform. This time around, they are porting the first Tales of Phantasia game, and they’re releasing it as a free app, the catch being that there’s in-app purchases. According(…)

Tekken Pachinko Game Makes its Way to Japanese iOS Devices 0

Japanese owners of iOS-based devices will be getting a chance to play a new Tekken game, only this time it’s not a straight fighter. Titled CR Tekken, the new game based on the iconic arcade fighting game will be a Pachinko game. CR Tekken is designed to simulate the feel of a pachinko machine in(…)

Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed Mobile Gets Ryo Hazuki 0

One of the fan-favorite characters in the Sonic kart-racing franchise, Shenmue’s Ryo Hazuki, will be making his way to the newly-launched iOS and Android versions of the game. The former Dreamcast leading man’s inclusion in the game was previously leaked so it’s no longer a surprise to fans who are updated on developments about the(…)

Half-Minute Hero Gets Sequel on iOS 0

One of the more unique takes on the RPG genre was Half-Minute Hero on the PSP, which completely addressed most people’s complaints with the genre’s need for a huge time investment by limiting each playthrough to 60 seconds (of course, there are ways to extend this time limit and the timer stops when you’re in(…)

Trailer for Final Fantasy VI Mobile Released 0

The fact that Final Fantasy VI has already appeared on numerous systems does not diminish people’s excitement over the impending release of the iOS and Android ports this Winter. In order to tease people further, Square Enix has released a new trailer for Final Fantasy Mobile at the recent Jump Festa. You can check out(…)

iOS Gets a Card-Battling Lara Croft Game 0

Last March, Square Enix filed for trade marks for something called “Lara Croft: Reflections,” and prompted a flurry of speculations and rumors, all of them proving to be incorrect as it turned out to be a card-collecting game for iOS. Developed in Japan by Square Enix mobile studio Smile-Lab, Lara Croft: Reflections is currently undergoing(…)

See Dragon Quest VIII’s Mobile Port in Action 0

Square Enix is one of the veteran videogame companies that seem to know their way around the fast-rising mobile market, managing to gain a lot of traction with new IPs as well as ports of existing titles to iOS and Android. Their latest plan includes bringing Dragon Quest I to VIII to the two mobile(…)

Tales of Hearts R Makes Its Way to iOS 0

When it comes to the Tales series of RPGs, Japan always seems to get all the cool stuff, with the NA market only getting the tip of the iceberg (although the ones that do make it across the pond are good enough to satiate fans of the genre). It wouldn’t be so bad if like(…)